What We Do

We turn data into documents.

Your business generates a lot of data but it is how this data is communicated to your customers that is important.

We are experts in the presentation and management of data and ensuring that it is used effectively in creating documents.

We endeavour to connect you to your client base in a way which prospers both you and them.

Data Management

We can improve your data accuracy, provide insights into how your customer interact with it and even help you store it more efficiently.


We find opportunities to automate your most time-consuming tasks freeing up individuals to develop, collaborate and innovate.

Multichannel Fulfilment

Your documents don’t have to go into an envelope. Why not email them, send your customer an SMS or interact with them via a mobile application?

Customer Communications

Give your customer clear, accurate and relevant information about your business. Drive engagement through personalised communication.

Our Expertise

Point Zero has a team of highly experienced variable data, document composition and automation specialists. With varied histories across the team members, we have a combined experience in excess of eighty years in document delivery and customer communications.

How We Do What We Do

Our simple, four-step process will see you on the road to better communications in no time.


We start by understanding your data. How does your data become documents and how is it interpreted by your customers?


Can we automate any of your tiresome business processes? We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best!


Take the burden of maintaining a local footprint and let us carry the overhead of processing. No more servers, no more software, just peace of mind.


Give your customers the best of you. Add value to your documents with targeted information that's relevant to the reader.

We are innovators in simplifying business processes

Get the people in your business back to driving success and let us automate the routine operations.

Let us help transform your customer communication

Try our Symphony platform today. Sign up for a free trial and start saving!

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    Get in touch with us and find out more about our data platform which can transform the way your business and clients interact with data. A member of our team will be happy to show you how we make data work for you.

    Symphony is a platform designed to improve the way you manage your data processes and can scale with your business.